Our history

The Hôtel is located at the foot of Rue de la Mare and just a few meters away from the walkway de la Mare, a very quiet area.

You will find everything you need within 200m from the Hôtel.



0213 a2pas allongeLess than 50 meters, you will find a small supermarket, "A 2 pas", for all the food and everyday life items, open every night till 10:00 pm. If you come later, you can go a little farther, in Rue de Ménilmontant where some grocer's shops close even much later, when their hope for a last customer has almost vanished. A little further up in Rue de la Mare, there is a self-service of another kind, a laundromat, where you can wash your linen.

Some more typical shops, sellers of scents of tea, bookshops among which the famous "Monte-en-l'air" on the other side of the walkway, and several cafés and bars with entertainment such as Le Popul'air, 30m from the Hôtel.


Promenadesparc de belleville paris2

The Parc de Belleville, where from we can admire all Paris, has its entrance 200 meters from the Hôtel. Going the other direction, the Rue de Ménilmontant offers numerous cafés and very typical restaurants, in particular at the beginning of the street of the Rue Sorbier where pavements were transformed into large terraces.

A little farther, at the end of the Rue Sorbier, the entrance of the famous Père Lachaise cemetery located Rue des Rondeaux, a direct way to nostalgia.


 Drink, eat and enjoy

entrepots allongeThere are plenty of beautiful discoveries to be made in the neighborhood and on the other side of the walkway, all located within a walking distance from the Hôtel. Browse the addresses in the right column, these are places which we have tested for and recommend you to test again.

Finally, 2 very hip places liven up the district by offering several shows on evenings in a very trendy atmosphere, la Bellevilloise and la Maroquinerie, are situated side by side, Rue Boyer.



Our history

The Hôtel & Residence de la Mare joins in the tradition of furnished hotels which welcomed and accommodated migrants' waves of the 19th and 20th centuries in Paris. These furnished hotels accommodated 350'000 Parisians at the beginning of 1930s, more than 10 % of the population.

The migrant of provincial or foreign origin coming to Paris for work settled down quite naturally in hotels. To have a room in town was the commonplace minimum security of independence. After the 1929 economic crisis, fewer workers came to settle down in the capital but from the 50s on, furnished hotels found a second breath with occupants preferring to stay in Paris intramuros rather than to move towards the suburb.

Today, these hotels are disappearing, the price of housing has incited the owners to sell their properties slice by slice, therefore chasing away the less favored population from Paris. In 2010, only 1 % of the population was still living in furnished hotels, most in poor conditions.

The Hôtel & Residence de la Mare is one of these buildings which made the history of the common people of Paris. It belongs to the same family since 1951 who, after a complete renovation from 2010 to 2012, offers some of the rooms to the tourists of the capital.